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columbia swimming shoes, columbia shoes in Doha, Qatar

Summer time brings the joy of visiting the amazing beaches and water attractions here in the Qatar. The hot summer often drives people to the waters to cool down and relax with friends and family. There’s also water sport activities and wadi’s in the northern emirates calling explorers and enthusiasts to find secret natural water pools. Columbia shoes provide amazing footwear that works both by the poolside as well as in more ridged walkways out in the open nature. The women’s wave train sandals are breezy to wear requiring minimal effort to put on with just a fabric strap and a buckle. They have a rubber footbed with hydrophobic webbing so exposing them to the water is no problem at all, the water slips right off of the footbed and they’re good to be used on dry surfaces again. Wearing them for a long period of time is attainable because of the Techlite midsole which is very light in weight and comfortable, these sandals won’t feel like a drag and become one with your feet. The Omni-grip outsole ensures great traction on slippery wet surfaces keeping you steady at all times. If the idea is to look casual, the Men’s hood river slides from the Columbia swimming shoes range is a great pick. They’re easy to put on with just a slide in and very comfortable to walk with because of the EVA midsole and outsole that provides stellar walking grip.Columbia Shoes | Columbia Casual Shoes | Columbia Hiking Shoes | Columbia Running Shoes | Columbia Sandals & Flip Flops | Columbia Sandals | Columbia Swimming Shoes

Columbia Swimming Shoes can be purchased in a number of countries

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