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Under Armour HOVR in Doha, Qatar

The Smartest shoes that you will find in the sneaker market, are the perfect blend of shoe design and construction. Equipped with sensor technology, your step data will synchronize from the shoes to the MapMyRun app without the need to recharge. The sensor built into the Hovr shoes will go a long way in saving you investment worth hundreds of dirhams in other smart wearables. Under Armour teamed up with the biggest chemical company in the world, Dow Chemical to research and come up with a new foam that is extremely light and soft. The foam was wrapped with their EnergyWeb, which was then encased with a solid rubber outsole, the UA Hovr technology was born.

UA Hovr shoe range can help you improve your performance. With UA Hovr, the company designed the perfect combination of cushioning, responsiveness, and energy return. Under Armour’s innovative UA Hovr trademarked footwear technology delivers a ‘zero gravity feel’ to help maintain your energy. The shoes come in a variety of styles for men and women, enabling you to find the fit that best suits your personality.

The Hovr truly lifts you up. Shop from our collection of Under Armour Hovr shoes for men and women today and find the UA Hovr built to make you better.

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Under Armour HOVR can be purchased in a number of countries

Under Armour HOVR UAE | Under Armour HOVR Qatar | Under Armour HOVR KSA | Under Armour HOVR Kuwait