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Arena in Doha, Qatar

Creating the first ultra-lightweight swimsuit in 1973, Arena has become the go-to for all things swimming.

Since their offering of second-skin fits, Arena swimwear has been collecting plenty of gold medals on the world stage. Soon seen as a powerhouse in the water, they grew to include Arena googles and caps, while their women's collections introduced patterns, prints and one-pieces perfect for streamlining silhouettes. Browse the latest Arena products and shop online with us today.

Arena was created when the son of a sports legend witnessed ground-breaking feats performed by an athlete in the water, while watching the Munich Summer Games. Realising the possibilities available in water sports, Arena was founded in 1973 and created the first ultra-lightweight swimsuit that same year which was designed to feel like a second skin rather than putting on another layer. Since then Arena has become one with all things swimming. Moving on to bag plenty of gold medals and world records, Arena continues to equip some of the best swimmers and national teams in the world. As their powerful swimsuit sliced through waters at great speed, their collections grew to meet the expanding bunch of water lovers. Pushing out sleeker, stylish cuts while remaining a force in the water, all of Arena's collections are built to last as the products are armoured to fight chlorine giving them a great fit, swim after swim.

The label's women's collections are hallmarks in swimming apparel too. Bringing in stylish cuts, prints and patterns, many of their one-pieces tailor the silhouette - perfect for going on a leisurely swim or lazing by the pool. If you're looking to welcome the summer with the right swimsuit, or if you're looking for Arena in Doha, Abu Dhabi or anywhere else in the Qatar, start shopping online with us today for arena swimming collections which include arena shoes, arena swimwear, arena sandals, arena goggles and have it delivered straight to your doorstep. For the avid swimmers and athletes, take your pick of racing and compression suits or high-tech swimming gear to suit up your next swim.

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